Successful business takes a lot of time and energy

You know building a successful business takes a lot of time and energy and so does building a successful relationship. Can you have both? Yes, say experts “it just takes a little planning and persistence”.

“Entrepreneurs wear many hats,” says Barbie Adler, president of Selective Search, a Chicago-based matchmaking service with clients nationwide and abroad. “If your personal life is important to you, treat it like [an] appointment and carve out time to date.” the same way for your business.

There are some ideas for new entrepreneurs looking for a balance life/business. Just remember one little thing you can do everything for the business if you are an expert, otherwise, hiring and outsourcing is a relatively a quick process to make business growth. No matter what do you need to do for your business will compensate into the long or short term.

1. Let friends/family know you’re available. 
”Recruit a team of promoters who will network for you. Plant the seed in people’s minds that you’re available for business.” Ask friends, family and colleagues for recommendations. Doing so is more effective and less time consuming than other strategies.

2. Know when to outsource. 
”All successful people know the importance of outsourcing,” Ginsberg says. “You need to invest time and energy into finding the right representation for you.” Make sure any company you join has access to your ideal buisness goal. Ocampo Studio need to know your corporate values and financial goals so before you sign up for our services. Find out how we work with a FREE business analysis of your business including online presence. We’ll show what is our customised screening process for you and your business need.

3. Develop a business plan. 
You created a business plan for your company or we can create a business plan for you. Don’t forget personal goal plan too, your business and life should be in a constantly prosperity because you deserve to be the best version of yourself as well as your business. Ask yourself what are your goals and how you will achieve them. What are you looking for? Are you ready to rock and roll into the business industry?

4. Have the right mindset. This is something that most entrepreneurs suffer. Embrace the fact that your search for Mr. or Ms. Right business partner that is going to help your business into the growing process, is an investment of both time and money. The process you had it took time for your business to grow to where it is now. Good or bad there are more options and “the One business opportunity” could be anywhere, “Be present as you go throughout your business day,” and “Most people meet their significant others when they’re out and about living their life. If you’re always wearing your business hat, you may not miss out on opportunities,”  You never know how is next to you and what they can do for your business or what can you do for them.

5. Clear the clutter. In other words, don’t waste your time with incompatible people, get people with experience, verified at least one client from your potential business partner you want to work with. When you’re hiring or outsourcing for your business, you pay attention to how someone fits into your corporate culture and business goals. In business life, you could be attracted to someone, but their priorities may be different or they don’t share the same business goals. Ocampo Studio will have your business as a baby with all care and filling any need for your business. When you’re growing your business, you become focused on that, and falls business partners could be into the “comfort zone,” so ti is time to change Ocampo Studio says. You may stay in business relationship because it’s professional and respect your business, “clearing the clutter” of these incompatible business partners if you have at this moment to make space for a good match like Ocampo Studio to come into your business.

6. Trust yourself. Does your clients like you for your business or for your good service or product? There are ways to find that out without actually coming out and asking. Be prepared to strategically share information about your corporate values and financial goals. Because we know you are always training for a marathon for building your business? We can help you and show our passions or interests of your business If you let us know.

Please contact us to, We can make your business better.

Kalani – Sydney Newborn Photography

The most perfect for Mr. Kalani Gonzales Llorente. And just as hisname suggests, he is the heavenly love  a ray of sunshine and brightens any room he is in. His mommy is so in love and it was truly so special to see the bond that has already formed between them. The day I met him, it was gorgeously sunny and calm and all things wonderful.

Just for you adorable Kalani:

These tiny fingers always want to play,
And never stop exploring the wonders of each day,
These little Kalani’s fingers, that from the very start,
Reach out for tomorrow but stay in our heart.

Great marketing ideas for Restaurants

Ocampo Studio has been Sharing restaurant marketing ideas and resources to helped many small business owners to establish their marketing strategies and enjoy success.

During the past years, some small businesses fail to achieve their financial goals for two key elements: unclear growth strategy and weak execution in the service.  This article will talk about the weak execution running the business. Initially, recognising the capabilities of your restaurant is a master piece to grow, it is very important to know that the performance of your staff is a key factor for customer’s expectations; the first 60 seconds is a primary anticipation of customers experience, rumours of  customers’ word of mouth could be very effective who may in turn become customer for your business in a positive if they have a great experience. Challenging your staff  to think much bigger and come out with ideas that  you could implement, the process will be a constant motivation for them and also you could promote incentives. You will not believe it but it is the cheapest  marketing tool for your business if you are not willing to cover some serious marketing expenses to start in. Regardless of which strategy is selected, a business’ infrastructure must be up to a standard that supports successful execution.

Find a reason for people to start talking about your restaurant, and you will get a new customer to visit for the first time. Another important thing to know if the location is appropriate for establishing restaurant. Then,  an inauguration campaign like food display to test your food could help to attract the cheapest customers looking for the most inexpensive place they can go to eat, despite the mind of all of the people that see it. A good restaurant covers the food and the experience, but people are ways to give your current decor a face-lift. The only thing you have to do is not known for particularly unique or high quality food. You only need to bring back once or Twice your best clients to list them all in one place. There are the parties for people who only see at any other time of the year. People like to see that restaurants are great ways to get your customers interested and involved. Even if the holidays aren’t your busy season use this time to have more customers into your place by food festival or any special event. Staying in touch with customers keeps your restaurant top of mind and makes them feel like they are just like your current best customers and to be honest this feeling is provided by the floor staff.

Another idea, if you can partner with another local business or organisation to put on an event, it will help you promote the event free of charge. One or more of these sources is host events of food with a special theme like Hawaiian food, Italian food, or any other popular cuisine, but exotic. Creative marketing idea helps to connect your customers to your brand and there are unique ways to do this. Just put on your creative cap and jazz up your business with these fun marketing ideas that are most likely to take action on them.

Most marketing plans for restaurant business are by creating and unique marketing strategy, it is important to make your business successful, however, learn about the types of calls to action, as you analyse the various factors that go into starting a business, you may begin brainstorming restaurant business ideas that will continue to focus on referrals as their leading marketing strategy in previous years. To be successful in restaurant marketing you need to become successful in the business. When trying to come up with a strong restaurant marketing plan to develop an emotional connection with your customers.

Effective restaurant marketing must be built on a foundation of knowledge about:

  • the market.
  • your competition.
  • your customers.
  • the industry.
  • outside organisations at their establishment.

For instance, many children are attracted to socialise as well, offering an intimate and exclusive experience for diners if your restaurant is kid-friendly. additionally, you could even offer special kid Pickers events where kids are encouraged to combine the coupon with other deals or discounts you may have going on that day. Offering a 20% discount to a 1-time only special price is often better than paying for advertisements.Creating a thoughtful marketing strategy that includes consumer research, branding, advertising and promotions will increase your share of the market and customers coming back.

New technologies like mobile marketing for restaurants around the world is quickly becoming an important factor for restaurants who want to get more about this amazing marketing tool fill. For the most effective restaurant marketing keep the value of local focus to your audience and timely. Whereas national restaurant chains are able to keep their marketing efforts sharp and effective campaigns, most local restaurants are not able to spend as much in their campaign efforts. Online advertising is a form of promotion that uses the internet and world wide web for the lookout for special events they can use in their online and offline marketing efforts. With a little creative and cooperative effort, cooperative marketing can become a fast and cost effective way. Inbound marketing, a new-age marketing activity that allows customers to find you online, can quickly measure the return. With the wide array of marketing options available, it is important to invest time and money into the best form of promotion you can expect to achieve for your restaurant. To start with,  Ocampo Studio can provide a FREE website analysis and give you a brief analysis of your market.  Also,  help you with some quality food photography for your menu or if you need a corporate image design to start your successful  Business branding campaign you can contact us.

See you Next time.

Ocampo Team.

The power of twitter

How to create a hashtag on twitter for business campaign!

Definition: The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet. It was created organically by Twitter users as a way to categorize messages.

Using hashtags to categorize Tweets by keyword:

  • People use the hashtag symbol # before a relevant keyword or phrase (no spaces) in their Tweet to categorize those Tweets and help them show more easily in Twitter Search.
  • Clicking on a hashtagged word in any message shows you all other Tweets marked with that keyword.
  • Hashtags can occur anywhere in the Tweet – at the beginning, middle, or end.
  • Hashtagged words that become very popular are often Trending Topics.

Example: In the Tweet below, @passello included the hashtag #italianweek. Users created this as shorthand for “TV show”, a week trend where users commend.

Twitter campaign

Using hashtags correctly:

  • If you Tweet with a hashtag on a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may find your Tweet
  • Don’t #spam #with #hashtags. Don’t over-tag a single Tweet. (Best practices recommend using no more than 2 hashtags per Tweet.)
  • Use hashtags only on Tweets relevant to the topic.

More information

7 tips for your own hashtag

  1. Always content value for your followers.
  2. Clear, original, specific and relevant for the subject.
  3. Create a new hashtag which is not already in use.
  4. Be careful with similar meanings could be in place as negative perception or twitter hijacking.
  5. Unique Hashtag, explaining what the tag means.
  6. Do not spam to test.
  7. Use hashtag email alert tool

Use the life principles for marketing; real people talking to other real people and you will have real success!

Mother’s day in Passello Restaurant

These are the sample photos of a special day in Passello Restaurant Darling Harbour; the first photo is a gift from Passello Restaurant just to have this moment forever, let us know what is  your  favorite  with the file name and we’ll send you it in high resolution after the edition. You may  also want  more photos  from  Ocampo Studio gallery. We are very family orientated photo studio and we value the importance to capture that perfect shot that represents you and your family.

We look forward to be contacted on and thank you for choosing Ocampo Studio.


Mother's day















Althought  site is working fine. The links work. Content is added regularly.  We have new features. 
Why does my company need a re-design?                            

Those are all great things. Sites should be updated regularly, have new features added, and by far have working links. However, as the site grows it soon outgrows its foundation. Leading to an unorganized use of content, poor usability, and eventually chaos. A re-design is a perfect opportunity to take an inventory and put things back on track. It will also allow for a better user experience.
New Foundation

With any re-design it is a great time to do a little rethinking. Looking at the current site a question needs to be asked. What is it that people want when coming to my site? By understanding what it is people are looking for from your site you will be able to better position that information within the architecture of the entire site.

Judging by the Cover

The old adage “Never judge a book by its cover” doesn’t apply to your website. Users to your site make quick and often harsh judgment calls within seconds of viewing your homepage. By making outstanding first impression with a crisp, clean, professional look the user gets a sense of trust from the company behind the site.

Follow the Leader

Your site could have the exact information a specific user is looking for. However, if it takes too long for them to locate it chances are they will go somewhere else to find the information. By making your site as user friendly as possible you will be able to guide the user to specific areas of content. Bringing content that is hidden under multiple clicks to the forefront makes it easy for a user to locate. As well as, leads the user to other areas of your site that they might not have known about.

New Experience

New features can dramatically improve the user experience. Online calendars that allow a user to register for events are a perfect example of how a simple feature increases the value of a site. No longer does the user have to call or mail in an RSVP card. As such, the company doesn’t need a personto answer the phone for every registration.

Cheapest Employee

Your website could be your cheapest employee. It has already been mentioned that your site could make your day-to-day tasks a think of the past. By adding features to your site that help educate your user base, ehhance marketing efforts, as well as, develope a sense of who your users are you are in reality making your site work harder for you. The simple fact is that you have a site. Why not make it work harder and do more for you and your company? An offshoot of adding features like this is that your users have more interaction with your site and your company.

Your Future Customers

The whole goal of a re-design is to create a better experience for your users. There are many approaches to attain such a goal. Maybe it is a new look, a revised navigation scheme, or a complete overhaul. Whatever the outcome, your site should reflect the company behind the site and insure a sense of trust with you future customers.

Pili & Julio

What a pleasure it was to be taking some pregnancy photographs for Julio, Pilar and their blooming baby bump at Ocampo Studio, Chatswood last week! Pilar  is  30  weeks  pregnant and looked very

much a gorgeous, glam and radiant Mummy-to-be! We were very lucky with the willing and relax environment of both new parents, considering they are in the last trimester. A favourite session  was the intellectual new parents reading “love” book, they are more than ready for the baby to come! We can’t wait to hear the special news of the next delivery from our friend and knowing if is a baby girl or baby boy!

Good luck guys! xOcampo_Pili&Julio_B1

Ocampo_Pili&Julio_A1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_A2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_B2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_C Ocampo_Pili&Julio_D Ocampo_Pili&Julio_E1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_E2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_F1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_F2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_G1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_G2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_G3 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_H1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_I1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_I2

Portrait Photography Sydney

lucas_26Just Lucaslucas_10

Whole experience of my wife being pregnant, giving birth and then holding our newborn baby is one or the most profound times in our couple’s life. It is also said to be one of the most fleeting. You often hear people say ” I wish I’d had some photographs taken when I was pregnant”, as it is an incredible time in your life, which goes so quickly, and can never be replaced.

I have two wonderful children and as a father and photographer, I am dedicated to capturing this momentous stage in life with all its joy and beauty, knowing these images of pregnancy, newborn and baby will be enjoyed by you and the family for years to come.