Pili & Julio

What a pleasure it was to be taking some pregnancy photographs for Julio, Pilar and their blooming baby bump at Ocampo Studio, Chatswood last week! Pilar  is  30  weeks  pregnant and looked very

much a gorgeous, glam and radiant Mummy-to-be! We were very lucky with the willing and relax environment of both new parents, considering they are in the last trimester. A favourite session  was the intellectual new parents reading “love” book, they are more than ready for the baby to come! We can’t wait to hear the special news of the next delivery from our friend and knowing if is a baby girl or baby boy!

Good luck guys! xOcampo_Pili&Julio_B1

Ocampo_Pili&Julio_A1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_A2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_B2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_C Ocampo_Pili&Julio_D Ocampo_Pili&Julio_E1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_E2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_F1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_F2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_G1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_G2 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_G3 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_H1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_I1 Ocampo_Pili&Julio_I2

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