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Ocampo Studio Blog
2010.12.29 09:30:26


Welcome to my Blog!

Thank you for stopping by! I'll be updating my blog quite frequently, so bookmark my site and check back often to see my most recent work and what I'm up to - oh, and If you have any questions, or would like to book a session with us please use the Contact Button. 

Feel free to leave a comment or two as well! 


Thank you for visiting!


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Why does my company need a website re-design?
2010.10.05 07:34:17


Althought  site is working fine. The links work. Content is added regularly. We have new features. Why does my company need a re-design?


Those are all great things. Sites should be updated regularly, have new features added, and by far have working links. However, as the site grows it soon outgrows its foundation. Leading to an unorganized use of content, poor usability, and eventually chaos. A re-design is a perfect opportunity to take an inventory and put things back on track. It will also allow for a better user experience.

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