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Point of Sale

Materials Design To

Customer attention



> We assist you to have large, vibrant, eye-catching display.



Points of Sale needs to grab the attention of your audience and target market. We will ensure that your POS material is the best wherever it is to be shown or utilised, and just because we work as the best lot.



> We ensure that your branding strategies are coherent through all your personalised in store Displays...

Our Retailer Promotional Materials Include:


        > In store signs, struck cards, banners, posters, napkins and stand up displays.

        > Aisle and Sales Price Markers.

        > Gift Certificates and vouchers.

        > Loyalty Cards for your Loyalty Card Program.


Drawing the customer attention through the sales promotion that we design is a successful guaranty. Ocampo Studio gives you a personalised service, we are well equipped to offer retail solutions for any restaurant, shop and Jewellery retail.


We'd be pleased to help you with the design of your point of sale materials...


Email us at sales@ocampo.com.au

Phone us on (04) 3107 7768 or 

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