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Advertising Photography


> Take your images to the next level


A picture is worth a thousand words. Especially when it comes to reaching your target market.

We invite you to take the time to speak with our professionals and discover how Ocampo can capture your audience.


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Benefits  Ocampo Studio Can Bring To Your Products


Only a professional design company like Ocampo Studio can transmit the truthful message of your business, considering the target audience, vendors and partners.


      > We offer product photography services both on location and in studio.

      > By using dramatic lighting and angle, our product photography service employs very distinctive styles to ensure    

         the most effective eye-catching factors for your product images.

Ocampo Studio showcases your products to grow sales and spark the visual appeal of your products. Studio photographs are shot according to your needs. Stylists are available to tie products with a setting or place.



Affordable Prices



There are two pricing options A per session or B per shot.


Option A

Day rate: $1000.
Half day rate: $650.

This may be the more cost effective option for you depending on the complexity of the photographs.

Option B

Per shot rate: Please use this list as a general guideline.



           # of Items


> Single Product: 

> 2-9:    

> 10-19:   
>  20-49:
> 50-99: 

> 100-199: 

> 200 or more: 

> Satisfaction Guaranteed



     Web Package + High Resolution



                       $28 per product

                       $25 per product 

                       $22 per product

                       $19 per product

                       $15 per product

                       $10 per product



We strive to ensure that you receive great quality product photography at reasonable prices.


All packages include:

        > Cleaning of the product before photography begins.
        > Product set-up for the best angle possible.
        > Lighting set-up for the best lighting possible.
        > Post processing to make images look their best (image touch-up, colour balance and polishing).
        > Seamless white background for images.
        > Instant online delivery of photos.
        > Image rights and usage.
        > 2 Web images (thumb & medium size.)
        > 1 High resolution image
        > All your images on a DVD.


The images you receive are:


        > For the Web
        > A thumbnail image (150px width, in JPG format) Other size are available upon request.
        > A medium size image (700px longest side, in JPG format) Other sizes are available upon request.
        > A high resolution image for printing will be in TIFF format. Other file formats (jpg, psd, png) are available upon    


Turnaround time on product photography usually runs at about 7 business days for every 40 products.


Other Services

        > Animated 360º Photography: $100 per product.
        > Want your product to be animated to show all angles of it in one image? We can combine multiple product    

           images into one with simple transition (in animated gif form, maximum resolution of 640 pixels).



Creating transparent image backgrounds by cutting out the product by hand from background. This is useful if you want to artificially change the white background to something else. PSD format included. 


        > Masking: $8 per photo
        > Reflection: $4 per product
        > Add a reflection under your product


Group product shots:

Any photo with more than one item would be considered a group shot (example: if multiple products are being sold together, etc.). Because this requires extra set up time, additional charges apply. And because the set up of each product grouping is different, pricing varies. Contact us for a quote for your grouping.


More than one image of the same product:

If you’d like more than one image of the same product (the rear side of it, a close up of an area on it, etc.) there is a 40% reduction for shots after the 1st one - i.e. for the “100 products” rate, the first image of the item would be $15, while subsequent shots of the same item would be $6.


Royalty Free - No Licensing - No Usage Restrictions!

You will receive high quality digital images that are royalty free. This means you will never have to pay a yearly fee to use them, or a fee each time you use the image. You can use each image as many times as you need, whether it be in print or on the web. It’s YOUR image. You will not, however, be allowed to sell the photos for profit or claim copyright on them. All copyrights remain with the photographer.



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