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Wedding Photography

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Photographs are such an important part of remembering our past. Just think, without photographs, how would you revisit those wonderful memories with your family, friends and earlier generations?. Our success with weddings stems from simply allowing our subjects to just be themselves. Even the essential family portraits are very relaxed allowing the family's true character to unfold.





Needs a Professional to Ensure your HAPPINESS is printed for Ever



Our sensitivity to the uniqueness of your wedding, comes form 14 years of experience in wedding photography, guaranteeing truly superior and creative photography.

Don't accept second best in your wedding, we take your day as seriously as you do. We have spent many years perfecting our art, which allows us to focus on capturing your wedding creatively and in the true ambience of the day. Weddings are not just days that we cherish in our memory. They are stories that we share. They are moments of joy which family and friends experience with us. And most importantly, they are the soul, passion and heart of all the love between every couple that comes together in a beautiful celebration.


And that’s what we want to capture. Those moments in time that you can cherish forever. The moments of happiness that you can talk about with your children and grandchildren. 


Here at Ocampo Studio, we have a number of specially trained photographers who will spend your special day with you. Our business model is to provide you with your own photographer, unlimited for the day. Unlike other photographers who charge by the hour, our single flat fee ensures that you have nothing to worry about on your wedding. Working with you to build a tailored and customised photo album and wedding video, our team looks for the artistic opportunity in every image. Maybe it’s the balancing of light and shadow. Maybe it’s the contrast of your white wedding dress amongst fields of flowers. Whatever it is, you tell us what you like, we help you with the pre-planning and then our camera goes to work. Our photographers have a keen eye to spot anything that will work towards your brief that involves shapes, colours, surfaces and lines. Because we believe that every single one of your wedding photos should be treated like a piece of art in the museum. Something beautiful and to be admired.




Wedding packages with Affordable Prices


$1500 Standard Package


Ceremony, Reception and family groups,





>30 photographs 6x4 or 5x7 (retouching)
>Up to 6 hours
>DVD in high resolution with the 30 selected photographs




$3500  Dream Package


Bride at home, Ceremony, Reception and family groups




>60 photographs 6x4 or 5x7 (retouching)
>Up to 8 hours
>DVD in high resolution with the 30 selected photographs
>Album- leather like




$7000 Standard Package



Groom at home, Bride at home (reasonable distance), Ceremony, Reception and family groups.



>100 photographs 6x4 or 5x7 (retouching)
>10 photographs 8x10 (retouching)
>Up to 12 hours
>DVD in high resolution with the 100 selected photographs
>Album- leather like
>Pre-session to the main locations





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We are here to stay. And we have put our hearts and souls into a product that truly delivers. 

(After all, our reputation depends on it - and we protect that like a magpie protects their young)